Photos and Videos

Politics as a Public Good, October 6, 2020

Hopkins at Home Value the Vote Session with Senator Barbara A. Mikulski and Professor Lester Spence

Senator Mikulski and Professor Spence discuss politics as a tool for creating change. What does it mean to represent “everyone” and how do politicians define the greater good? How do our political behaviors play out beyond the walls of the voting booth? When do we know when we’ve “won” a political battle? How can YOU participate in shaping our new world?

The Woman’s Hour: Sex, Power and Democracy, September 30, 2020

Mary Elizabeth Garrett Lectureship sponsored by School of Medicine’s Office of Faculty, the Office of Women in Science and Medicine, and JHU’s Women’s Suffrage Centennial Commemoration.

Elaine Weiss, award-winning journalist and author of THE WOMAN’S HOUR discusses the gripping story of how America’s women women their own freedom and the opening campaign in the great twentieth-century battles for civil rights.

Democracy, Inclusion, and the Path to Empowerment, August 26, 2020

Hopkins at Home Suffrage Series Session with Professor Martha S. Jones and President Ron Daniels

President Ron Daniels and Dr. Martha S. Jones have a conversation about her forthcoming book, Vanguard, which is a history of African American women’s pursuit of political power — and how it transformed America. Visit Common Question for readings and podcasts related to the talk or check out these civic engagement resources for the Hopkins community.

The Woman’s Hour: An Interview with Elaine Weiss, Aug. 19, 2020

Hopkins at Home Suffrage Series Session with Elaine Weiss and Julian Krolik

Elaine Weiss, author of The Woman’s Hour, is interviewed by her husband, Hopkins’ own Julian Krolik, professor of astrophysics.

Picturing a Movement: Women’s Suffrage through the Lens of Maps and Ephemera, Aug. 12, 2020

Hopkins at Home Suffrage Series Session with Heidi Herr, Ivy Xun, Laurel Poolman, and Nandini Dey

Heidi Herr interviews several students about their experiences researching the Women’s Suffrage Movement using cultural artifacts in the Sheridan Libraries extensive collection.

Visionary Philanthropy: Mary Elizabeth Garrett, Women’s Education, and the 19th Amendment, Aug. 5,2020

Hopkins at Home Suffrage Series Session with Natalie Elder and Kathleen Waters Sander

Author Kathleen Waters Sander and curator Natalie Elder explore an excerpt from Sander’s book Mary Elizabeth Garrett: Society and Philanthropy in the Gilded Age, and a new online exhibit from the Chesney Medical Archives about Johns Hopkins women who fought for suffrage.

The Long Journey to Women’s Suffrage, July 14, 2020

Hopkins at Home Lecture by Dorothea Israel Wolfson

This lecture addressed the philosophic and cultural obstacles that prolonged women’s battle to win the vote, and explores the connections between the women’s suffrage movement and the liberal ideology embodied by the Declaration of Independence.

Health Care Policy and Social Justice: 100 Years After Women’s Right to Vote, June 1, 2020

Lavinia Dock Lecture by Sarah Szanton, PhD ANP, FAAN

This lecture discussed the springboard from the 1920 milestone of women achieving the right to vote in the U.S. to critique what is still to be done and envision pathways forward to inclusion and social justice by leading with health.

Vintage Game Night, March 4, 2020

In celebration of Women’s History Month, the Sheridan Libraries Special Collections hosted a game night featuring a variety of vintage games marketed to girls and women in the 20th century.

Vintage Game Night at Special Collections

Votes and Petticoats Reception, March 2, 2020

In March 2020, the Sheridan Libraries had a reception for a pop-up exhibit on view in the Special Collections Reading room.   The display, curated by students, features 48 historic postcards divided into 4 groups, based on the following themes selected by the students: Animals, Children, Fashion & Flirtation, & Role Reversal.

Students Visit D.C. Suffrage Exhibits, Feb. 29, 2020

A group of Johns Hopkins University students spent a Saturday learning about women’s suffrage by visiting the Belmont-Paul House and the National Archives exhibit, “Rightfully Hers.”

Absentee Ballot Party, Feb. 14, 2020

Hopkins Votes hosted an absentee ballot party to help students to navigate voter registration and the absentee ballot process.

Vintage Voting Booth

Check out the replica voting machine on the M-level of the Sheridan Library!  Instructional models such as the one displayed here were used to acquaint voters with the features of the actual voting machine before voters entered the booth.